Ken Boothe-You to me are everything-Ltd 45

El clásico de Real thing mejorado totalmente por Mr. Rock Steady en el año 1976.
Señores y señoras con ustedes Ken Boothe.... un placer!!

Ken Boothe-You to me are everything


Soulfood 23/06/06

Parte de lo que puse en Soulfood,
va sin orden

Roland Kirk-Three for the festival-Mercury Lp
Leone Thomas-Thank you baby-Don 45
Alan Moorhouse-Expo in tokyo-Kpm Lp
Hank Mobley-A caddy for daddy-Blue note Lp
Denise Lasalle-Here I am again-Westbound 45
Balckbirds-Rock Creek Park-Fantasy Lp
Mark Murphy-Why don´t you do right-Riverside 45
Blue Mitchell-Asso kan-Mainstream Lp
Carl hall-What about you-Columbia 45
Camille Yarbrough-Take your praise-Vanguard Lp
Madelline & Monticellos-Riddig ring of gold-Devel 45
Charlie Antolini-La Belle-Mps Lp
Marvin Gaye-Heavy love affair-Tamla 45
Brandye-How long-Kayvette Lp
Carl Anderson-Buttercup-Khan 45
Kashif-Help yourself to my love-Arista 45
Phyllis Hyman-Beatiful man of mine-Buddah Lp
Mary Jane Girls-All night long-Gordy 45
Bobby Thurston-Just ask me-Mainline Lp
Milton Wright-The silence that you keep-Alston 45
Willie Hutch-Easy does it-Whitfield Lp
The Gaturs-Cold Bear-Atco 45
Akwaaba people-What am I gonna do-Deep funk 45
Bobby Thurston-Treat me the same way-Mainline Lp
Eastside Connection-You´re so right for me-Rampart 45
Yvonne Gage-Garden of eve-Atlantic 45
Herbie Hancock-Stars in your eyes-Columbia 45
Tal Amstrong-You´ve got so much feeling-Love 45
Adam Ross Reeds-Silly Savage-Kapp Lp
Gerald Mallory-Lay it down on me-Prelude 45
Curtis mayfield-Right on for the darkness-Curtom Ep
Jean Elias-You made me a anybody´s woman-Back beat 45
Chocolate Milk-Action speaks louder than words-Rca 45
C.Stiff-Trompeta loca-Calandria 45
L. Drayton Orch. feat. Barbara Morrison-When will you be mine?-Esoteric Lp
Freddie Cole-Brother where are you-Jazzman 45
Whirlwind-Don´t let get the best of you-Roulette 45
Love Commite-Am I wasting time-Ariola America 45
Linda Clifford-March across the land-Paramount 45
Sharon Ridley-Scandal in bedrock-Sussex 45
Eddie kendricks-loving you the second time around-Tamla 45
Kjell Ohman-Samba Carlinhos-Sonet Lp
Milton Wright-Keep it up-Alston 45
Larry wedgeworth & Clique-No more games-Groovehall 45


Soulfood 16/06/06

Hola, esto es parte de lo que sonó en Soulfood
este viernes 16, va sin orden:

McFadden & Whitehead-I heard it in a love song-Tsop Lp
Maze-Southern girl-Emi Lp
Pieces of a dream-Warm weather-Elektra Lp
Wornell Jones-Must have been love-Paradise Lp
Jones Girls-This feeling killing me-Phil Lp
Charles Wilson-Trying to make a wrong thing right-Alley Cat 45
Bobby Womack-How could you break My heart-Arista Lp
David Simmons-Hooked on you-Fantasy Wmot Lp
Alfonso Surret-Gimme your love- Mca Lp
Bobby Caldwell-What you won´t do fro love-Clouds 45
Donald Albert-Harderst part-Runaway 12"
Bobby Sheen-Something new to do-WB 45
First flight-Love ain´t easy-Cash ear Lp
The Whispers-Where there is love-Janus Lp
Marvin Gaye-Heavy love affair-Tamla 45
MCB- I´m the one you´re the one-Epic Lp
David Nevin-The maze-Padner 45
Breakwater-Say you love me girl-Arista Lp
Chilites-Try mi side (of love)-20 th Century Lp
Atlantic Starr-Don´t abuse my love-A&M 45
Creative Source-You can´t hide love-Sussex Lp
Pure pleasure-by mi side-Qc 45
Frankie Kelly-Ain´t that the truth-Ten 12"
Randy Brown-Are you lonely?-Treeway 12"
Maze-Joy & pain-Emi Lp

compartí la sesión entera con un invitado Yke.
Gracias a los que estuvisteis


Poets of Rhythm live!

El pasado jueves puse unos temas después del concierto de Poets of Rhythm, banda alemana que lleva muchos años a sus espaldas.Tocaron en La boca del lobo,un local emblemático de la noche madrileña y tengo que decir que me sorprendieron gratamente.La formación estaba compuesta por siete músicos, incluyendo varios percusionistas, xilófono y flauta travesera y es destacable lo novedoso de la propuesta.Leo en algún sitio que la formación actual incluye aparte de miembros de la banda seminal a gente de Heliocentrics y Soul Destroyers. Sus influencias en la actualidad van desde los ritmos africanos al cine surrealista?. La banda en un principio se formo como un combo de funk y desde entonces han gozado de un respeto inusual. En esta ocasión la propuesta tenia un carácter diferente, venían acompañados de la cantante Bajka y demostraron un perfecto ejercicio estilístico de funk y soul, pero ademas mezclando jazz con ritmos africanos, bandas sonoras e incluso folk.
Esto fué mi contribución musical a esa curiosa noche:

Mickey & Soul Generation-Iron Leg-Maxwell 45
The presidents-It´s my thing-Penelope 45
Al foster band-Night of the wolf-Roulette 45
Madeline & Monticellos-Riding ring of gold-Devel 45
Untouchable Machine Shop-Machine shop part 1-Wavelength 45
Frankie Beverly´s Raw Soul-Color blind-Gregar 45
Cross Bronx Expressway-Help your brothers-Zells 45
Carl Hall-What about you-Columbia 45
Mark Murphy-Why don´t you do right?-Riverside 45
Annie Blue-Do you wanna do a thing-20th Century 45
TSU Tornadoes-Getting the corners-Atlantic 45
Willie Bobo-Always there-Columbia 45
Joe Coleman-Get it off the ground-F1 team 45


Soulfood 09/06/06

Parte de lo que puse en Soulfood, Marula cafe,
va sin orden

Annie Blue-Do you wanna do a thing-20th Century 45
Dennis landry-Sing my song-Soul Unlimited 45
Marvin Gaye-Heavy love affair-Tamla 45
Mackey Feary Band-A million stars-Rainbow Lp
Bill-Space lady-Dollar Bill 45
CQ-Make my dreams a reality-Arista 45
Starfire-Make the most of it-Dynamic Artist Lp
Le Frank O-Keep on gettin down-MMM Gold 45
Mary Jane Girls-All night long-Gordy 45
Chakachas-Stories-Ekipo Sp Lp
Tyrone Thomas & whole Darn Family-Fly away little girl-Soul Int.45
Fred Johnson-A child runs free-Jazzman 45
Meireles e sua orquetra-Kriola-Emi Br Lp
Charles Earland-Betty boop-Mercury Lp
Tal Amstrong-You´ve got so much feeling-Love 45
N´cole-Thank you for the love-Millenium 45
McCrarys-Love on a summer night-Capitol Lp
Ivan Neville-Dance your blues away-Cookie 45
Pharoah Sanders-You´ve got to have freedom-Theresa Lp
Chilites-Stoned out of my mind-Brunswick 45
Button Down Brass-Superstition-Djm Uk Lp
Little Beaver-Concrete jungle-Cat 45
Cottonmouth-Treat you kindly-Rca 45
Banda Black Rio-Mr. Funky samba-Atlantic Lp
Norman Connors-Take it to the limit-Arista 45
Willie Hutch-I can sho´give you love-Motown Lp
Frankie Beverly´s Raw soul-Color blind-Gregar 45
Willie "Beaver" Hale-Groove on-Cat 45
Teddy Pendergrass-Believe in love-Elektra 12¨
Asphalt Jungle-Freakin time-Tec 45
Blossoms-Gradman´s Hands-Lion Lp
Raj-Something inside-Oak Tree 45
Westwing-I´m gonna love you just a little more baby-20th Century Lp
Mikis Theodorakis-On the streets-Paramount Lp
Randy Brown-Are you lonely?-Threeway 12"
Ashford & Simpson-Don´t cost you nothing-Warner Lp
Gloria Scott-Too much lovemakin´-Casablanca Lp
Dizzy Gillespie & Lalo Schifrin-Unicorn-Pablo 45
Kinsman Dazz-I searched around- 20th Century Sp Lp
Charles Earland-Revelation-Mercury Lp
Thelma Houston-Saturday night, sunday morning-Motown Sp 45
L.J. Reynolds-Trust in me- Capitol Lp
Love Unlimited-I can´t let him down-Unlimited Gold Lp
Koop-Summer sun-Stimulus 12"
Candi Staton-Young hearts run free-Warner Lp
Patsy Gallant-It´ll all come around-Attic Can Lp
Crystal Winds-Love ain´t easy-Cash ear Lp


Milton Wright - The silence that you keep- Alston 45

Aquí os traigo otro tema con mayúsculas "The silence that you keep" Milton Wright, su apellido os sonara familiar es hermano de la gran Betty Wright, lo grabo en 1975 para la discográfica Alston y esta incluido en su primer Lp " Friends and Buddies" con la calidad que destila este corte es una pena que su producción musical se limitara al Lp antes citado y a otro llamado "Spaced" imposible de encontrar actualmente y que forma parte de mi lista de buscados desde hace mucho tiempo... disfrutadlo!

Milton Wright - The silence that you keep


Soulfood 03/06/06

Hola parte de lo que puse en Soulfood, Marula cafe.
Va sin orden

Oscar Brown Jr-Work song- Columbia Lp
Black Sugar-Too late-Sonoradio Peru Lp
Perez Prado/Don Alfio- Circle- Ariola Sp
The Con Nolan Soul Syndicate- What´s the use-Avan guard Aus Lp
Soul Bossa Trio-Ain´t no sunshine-99 Lp
Billy Paul-Am I black enough for you- Cbs Sp Lp
Teddy Pendergrass-The more I get, the more I want-Phil lp
Kleer-I shall get over-Atlantic Lp
Leroy Hutson-I think I´m falling in love- Curtom Lp
Loose Change-I wanna hold on to you-Casablanca Lp
Steve Parks-Movin´in the right direction-Solid Smoke Lp
Ovations-Till I find some way-XL 45
Bobbi Humphrey-Jasper Country man-Blue Note Lp
Herb Geller feat. Mark Murphy-Space a la mode-Atlantic Lp
Cheyenes Comin- Feelings- Shady Brook Lp
Buddy Rich band-Willowcrest-Pacific Jazz Lp
Terry Callier-Ordinary Joe-Cadet Lp
J.R. Bailey-That´s love-Ua Lp
Caesar Frazier-Another life- Westbound Lp
Sleepwalker feat. Pharoah Sanders-Especial 12"
Bob Kirkland & Ruth Davis-You´re gonna get next to me-Claridge Records Lp
Pure pleasure-By mi side-QC 45
Spread Love-Here I go-Sunstar Lp
Tower of power-Clever girl-Wb 45
Archie Bell & Drells-i can´t stop dancing-Atlantic Sp 45
Richie Cole feat. Eddie Jefferson- New york afternoon-Muse Lp
Fabolous Counts-Get down people-Moira 45
Mel Torme-Comin´home baby-Atlantic Lp
Milton Wright-Keep it up-Alston 45
Gary Byrd-Soul travellin´-Rca 45
Tommie Young-Hit & Run lover-Soul power 45
Sandra Sa-Preciso urgentemente fallar con Cassiano-Rge Br Lp
Trio Mocoto-Nao Adianta-Hispavox Sp 45
Whirlwind-Don´t let him get the best of you-Roulette 45
Carl Hall-What about you-Columbia 45
Ron Hall & Muthafunkaz feat. Mark Evans-The way you love me-Tsod 45
Eastside connection-You´re so right for me-Rampart 45
Beloyd-Get into your life- 20th century 45
Groove Holmes-No trouble on the mountain-Groove Merchant Lp
General Lee-We did it baby pt. 2-Lost weekend 45
Ivan Neville-Dance your blues away-Cookie 45