Soulfood 23/06/06

Parte de lo que puse en Soulfood,
va sin orden

Roland Kirk-Three for the festival-Mercury Lp
Leone Thomas-Thank you baby-Don 45
Alan Moorhouse-Expo in tokyo-Kpm Lp
Hank Mobley-A caddy for daddy-Blue note Lp
Denise Lasalle-Here I am again-Westbound 45
Balckbirds-Rock Creek Park-Fantasy Lp
Mark Murphy-Why don´t you do right-Riverside 45
Blue Mitchell-Asso kan-Mainstream Lp
Carl hall-What about you-Columbia 45
Camille Yarbrough-Take your praise-Vanguard Lp
Madelline & Monticellos-Riddig ring of gold-Devel 45
Charlie Antolini-La Belle-Mps Lp
Marvin Gaye-Heavy love affair-Tamla 45
Brandye-How long-Kayvette Lp
Carl Anderson-Buttercup-Khan 45
Kashif-Help yourself to my love-Arista 45
Phyllis Hyman-Beatiful man of mine-Buddah Lp
Mary Jane Girls-All night long-Gordy 45
Bobby Thurston-Just ask me-Mainline Lp
Milton Wright-The silence that you keep-Alston 45
Willie Hutch-Easy does it-Whitfield Lp
The Gaturs-Cold Bear-Atco 45
Akwaaba people-What am I gonna do-Deep funk 45
Bobby Thurston-Treat me the same way-Mainline Lp
Eastside Connection-You´re so right for me-Rampart 45
Yvonne Gage-Garden of eve-Atlantic 45
Herbie Hancock-Stars in your eyes-Columbia 45
Tal Amstrong-You´ve got so much feeling-Love 45
Adam Ross Reeds-Silly Savage-Kapp Lp
Gerald Mallory-Lay it down on me-Prelude 45
Curtis mayfield-Right on for the darkness-Curtom Ep
Jean Elias-You made me a anybody´s woman-Back beat 45
Chocolate Milk-Action speaks louder than words-Rca 45
C.Stiff-Trompeta loca-Calandria 45
L. Drayton Orch. feat. Barbara Morrison-When will you be mine?-Esoteric Lp
Freddie Cole-Brother where are you-Jazzman 45
Whirlwind-Don´t let get the best of you-Roulette 45
Love Commite-Am I wasting time-Ariola America 45
Linda Clifford-March across the land-Paramount 45
Sharon Ridley-Scandal in bedrock-Sussex 45
Eddie kendricks-loving you the second time around-Tamla 45
Kjell Ohman-Samba Carlinhos-Sonet Lp
Milton Wright-Keep it up-Alston 45
Larry wedgeworth & Clique-No more games-Groovehall 45

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