Soulfood 16/06/06

Hola, esto es parte de lo que sonó en Soulfood
este viernes 16, va sin orden:

McFadden & Whitehead-I heard it in a love song-Tsop Lp
Maze-Southern girl-Emi Lp
Pieces of a dream-Warm weather-Elektra Lp
Wornell Jones-Must have been love-Paradise Lp
Jones Girls-This feeling killing me-Phil Lp
Charles Wilson-Trying to make a wrong thing right-Alley Cat 45
Bobby Womack-How could you break My heart-Arista Lp
David Simmons-Hooked on you-Fantasy Wmot Lp
Alfonso Surret-Gimme your love- Mca Lp
Bobby Caldwell-What you won´t do fro love-Clouds 45
Donald Albert-Harderst part-Runaway 12"
Bobby Sheen-Something new to do-WB 45
First flight-Love ain´t easy-Cash ear Lp
The Whispers-Where there is love-Janus Lp
Marvin Gaye-Heavy love affair-Tamla 45
MCB- I´m the one you´re the one-Epic Lp
David Nevin-The maze-Padner 45
Breakwater-Say you love me girl-Arista Lp
Chilites-Try mi side (of love)-20 th Century Lp
Atlantic Starr-Don´t abuse my love-A&M 45
Creative Source-You can´t hide love-Sussex Lp
Pure pleasure-by mi side-Qc 45
Frankie Kelly-Ain´t that the truth-Ten 12"
Randy Brown-Are you lonely?-Treeway 12"
Maze-Joy & pain-Emi Lp

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