Playlist Greenville Alldayer 07/03/09

Mi contribución musical al Alldayer, fiesta en horario vespertino, organizada por el Greenville Soul Club

Hiroshima- Never, ever-Arista 45
Grey & Hanks-Gotta put something in- Rca 45
Nate Calhoun-Funktown-Glades 45
Cecil Lyde-I´ll make it on my own-Alwest 45
Frederick Knight-When it ain´t right with my baby-Juana 45
A.J. Brown- Making love together- Maestro 45
Jessie Gomez- Lace-Mankind 45
David Nevin-You´re for me- Pardner 45
Clay Brown- Walk with a groove-Florentine 45
Sheryl Swope- Can´t get him off my mind- Duo 45
Na Allen- Thanks for nothing- Atco 45

Lo pasé en grande, que se repita.

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