Soulfood 21/04/06 - Marula cafe

Listado de temas que sonaron ayer en Soulfood, va sin orden :

Alton McClain & Destiny-It must be love-Polydor 45
E.K.G.-Give me love-Roadrunners 45
Larry Nevilles-This time it´s real-Laray 45
Valentine Bros.-Money´s too tight-Bridge Rcds 45
Paulette Reaves-Let me wrap you in my love-Blue Candle 45
The Chants-I´ve trying-Norton Uk 45
Straight Jacket-Greatest Part of loving you-Showboat 45
Entertainers-I´m in love with you-Hmc 45
Raj-Smething inside-Oak Tree 45
Lovelites-Love so strong-20th Century 45
Tony Owens-You got to pay the price-Listening post 45
Na Allen-Thanks for nothing-Atco 45
Rare pleasure-Let me down easy-Cheri 45
Norman Connors-Take to the limit-Arista 45
Sundray Tucker-It was me -Tk 45
Annie Blue-Do you wanna do a thing-20 th Century 45
Carl Hall- What about you-Columbia 45
Sam Dees-Come back strong-Atlantic 45
Linda Clifford-Across the land-Paramount 45
C.B. Overton-If I can´t stop you-Shock 45
N´Cole-Thank you for the love-Millennium 45
Momie-O- You´re welcome, stop on by-I dentify 45
Chocolate Milk-Action Speaks louder than works-Rca 45
Curtis Walker-That´s the way the world works-Bet 45
Getto Kitty-Stand and be counted- Stroud 45
Wreckin creck-You don´t care-Star Ville 45
Ivan Neville-Dance your blues away-Cookie 45
J.R. Bailey-After hours-Toy 45
H.Andrews- Steppin´out-Balance 45
Johnny Otis Show feat. Barbara Morrison-Hey boy! I want ya-Universal Jazz World 45
Brief Encounter-Human-Sound plus 45
Pure pleasure-Be my side-QC Records 45
La Voyage-Never looking back-Trans A 45
Kashif-Help yourself to my love-Arista 45
Milton Wright-Keep it up-Alston 45
Firebolts-Everybody Party-Greenback Rcds 45
Ken Boothe-You to me are everything-Ltd 45

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Robson Soares dijo...

great soulful compilation..keep on..